Nintendo Makes Big Splash At E3

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Nintendo has laid the main milestones marking the continuation of the adventure that began with the launch of the Nintendo Switch console in March 2017. This summer, Nintendo reiterates its commitment to multiplayer games. Are watching the release of games like “Splatoon 2”, “ARMS” and “Pokkén Tournament DX”, the first game of Pokémon to enter the Nintendo Switch.

Tournaments highlighting these three games take place as part of the E3, the video game show held in Los Angeles until June 15th. Later in the year, owners of a Nintendo Switch will have the pleasure of exploring new memorable countries in the game “Super Mario Odyssey”, the first adventure of Mario type “sandbox” in 3D for more than 15 years. Visitors to the Nintendo kiosk at E3 will be the first members of the public to experience this game.

The Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 has introduced new games from Yoshi, Kirby and Xenoblade Chronicles to come on the Nintendo Switch, as well as unprecedented glances on top games including “Super Mario Odyssey”. The video also announced that the game “Metroid Prime 4” and a new role-playing Pokémon were being developed for the Nintendo Switch.

“The Nintendo Switch offers everyone a passport for an adventure to new worlds as well as exclusive and fun experiences,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America. “This adventure continues through 2017 and beyond. Lovers of video games of all kinds will not want to miss this. ”

“Super Mario Odyssey”

In the year 2017, Nintendo will deliver unparalleled games for Nintendo Switch consoles and Nintendo 3DS family consoles. “Super Mario Odyssey” will hold the headlining on the Nintendo Switch. In this game, players navigate vast countries in 3D to collect moons to power Mario’s ship, the Odyssey. Around the globe, countries have a host of secrets and surprises. Mario can put on a multitude of outfits and interact with his environment in many ways, more creative than the others. It can, for example, drive vehicles or explore sections in pixelized Mario form. Cappy, Mario’s new companion, gives him his new actions such as throwing and hat-hoping as well as chapimorphosis, Which revives the classic Super Mario formula and is at the center of this new adventure. The game will transport the player to new locations, including New Donk City, skyscrapers city. Three amiibo statuettes of the Super Mario Odyssey series – Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser dressed in their wedding dress – will be sold together and individually, from the launch of the game, scheduled for October 27, 2017. It is possible to see these amiibo , As well as two new amiibo Super Mario series (Goomba and Koopa), at the Nintendo kiosk at E3.

Other upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch:

  • “Pokkén Tournament DX” from Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. and “The Pokémon Company” will allow players to directly direct popular Pokémon fighters to face other Pokémon in arena fights. With new Pokémon fighters and new Pokémon support, this is the ultimate version of the original game on Wii U that delights fans. “Pokkén Tournament DX” will be released on September 22, 2017.
  • In the new game of Yoshi, players explore a huge world decorated like a diorama. Each horizontal scrolling level has a traditional frontal part, but this time the player can go in the back part to explore the other side of the scenery and discover new surprises. This new adventure of Yoshi will begin in 2018.
  • In the first game of Kirby’s main series for the Nintendo Switch, the cute little pink ball can recruit enemies by touching them with hearts to create a team of four characters, or play with three friends * in cooperative mode . Kirby can also combine his powers to create combo attacks that will help him defeat enemies and solve puzzles. This game will be released in 2018.
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the new episode of the acclaimed role-playing series, a new hero sets off in search of Elysium in a huge quest that will take him through a new world. This game will be released for the holidays.
  • And in Fire Emblem Warriors by Koei Tecmo Games, players take control of popular characters in the Fire Emblem series such as Marth, Xander or Corrin Girl, as well as new characters exclusive to the game. Attacks and establish strategies based on the famous triangle of weapons to attempt to defeat hordes of enemies in a variety of places, including some inspired by well-known locations of the series such as Hoshido Castle. “Fire Emblem Warriors” will be released in the fall of 2017 on the Nintendo Switch and will also be available on the New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS XL ** consoles.

Nintendo Switch will benefit from strong support from leading third-party publishers and developers. Here are some examples:

  • Psyonix’s “Rocket League” allows eight players * to compete in a high-intensity game combining arcade soccer and driving. The Nintendo Switch version of the game includes exclusive customization elements as well as the Battle-Cars arena. The release of the game is scheduled for the holiday season 2017.
  • Nintendo fans will be delighted to find selected articles from the franchise “The Legend of Zelda” in the Nintendo Switch version “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim of Bethesda”. Exit scheduled for Holiday 2017.
  • Ubisoft’s “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” is a happy mix of the Mushroom Kingdom and the “Rabbids Raving Rabbids”. This fighting adventure alternately brings together classic characters from “Mario” and “Rabbids” to the theme of “Mario”, in fun adventures. The game will be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch console on August 29, 2017.
  • “EA SPORTS FIFA 18” from EA Sports delivers all the action fans expect from the world’s most popular sports game franchise. Players will be able to practice sport in new ways, anywhere, anytime with “FIFA 18” on the Nintendo Switch. The game will be released on September 29, 2017.

Nintendo has released details on the downloadable content sets for “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. Both sets are available only with the extension pass at a price of $ 28.19. The first set, “Legendary Events,” will be available on June 30, 2017 and the second, “Ode aux Prodiges”, will be available during the 2017 holiday season. Nintendo also announced that the four Prodigies will be offered at the time : Daruk, the Prodigy of the Gorons, Revali, the Prodigy of the Piafs, Mipha, the Prodigy of the Zoras and Urbosa, the Prodigy of the Gerudos.

In addition to announcing “Metroid Prime 4” in the Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017, Nintendo also announced during Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3 that a classic adventure of “Metroid” comes back to the charge, reshaped especially for The family of Nintendo 3DS consoles. The game “Metroid: Samus Returns” is a modernized version of the adventure of the game “Metroid II: Return of Samus” on Game Boy. Samus Aran’s bounty hunter arsenal has been upgraded with new skills such as the powerful strike, a 360-degree spy mode, and the mysterious Aeion abilities. This intense scrolling action game has been redesigned with immersive 3D graphics and a rich color palette to make the atmosphere of the game. The game will be available as of September 15, 2017.

Additional news, reviews and sequences of games for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS will be presented every day of the event during Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3.

Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS family consoles offer parental control, which allows adults to manage accessible content for their children. More information about the Nintendo Switch .

* Additional accessories are required to play in multiplayer mode. Sold separately. ** This game is not compatible with Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS consoles.

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