Nintendo Switch pay-per-view service will be affordable

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Information on Nintendo Switch Online, the Japanese multi-player pay-per-use service that will be launched in 2018, showed up last night. And what gets attention is its annual price of $ 19.99 US.
Even if some consumers will be disappointed to have to pay soon to face players across the globe, the price of Nintendo Switch Online is more than 50% cheaper than PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold.
Prices in Canadian currencies remain unknown for now, but in US, they go as follows:

  • $ 3.99 for one month
  • $ 7.99 for three months
  • $ 19.99 for one year

The service will remain free until its release in 2018, as can be seen on the Nintendo website .

hose who decide to pay to be an “Online” member will be able to:

  • To play online
  • Access the upcoming app that allows you to communicate with other players
  • Enjoy access to classic games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Dr. Mario and Balloon Fight
  • Get exclusive offers on the Nintendo eShop

The others will always have the ability to access the eShop, save and manage friends, share screenshots and use the parental control feature.

The latter features will also be available to paying members.

A dedicated mobile application

Downloadable this summer, the application dedicated to online service will allow gamers to invite their friends to play online, organize game sessions and chat with your colleagues. All from your smart phone.

Everything is not pink

At first glance, the price is less than that of the Xbox and PlayStation, but the offer too.

No “in the cloud” backup system will be available to players.

It will therefore be impossible, unless an addition on the part of Nintendo, to take advantage of its progression on a console other than its own.

Moreover, the current catalog of the Switch remains rather thin, online games side.

Currently we know that Nintendo Switch Online will be available in the US, Canada and Mexico.

We can expect more details from the Japanese video game giant when the exact launch date will be known.

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