WHO Confirms New Ebola Outbreak In The Congo

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3 thoughts on “WHO Confirms New Ebola Outbreak In The Congo

  1. jen

    Two cases is not an outbreak. Two whole case in the middle of a remote jungle. Even 17 would NOT be ab outbreak. Just do what they did last time and make sure no one leaves and gets on a plane to another country.

  2. Joe

    I thought it was contained. If this becomes a full epidemic, we’ll have a another wave of refugees. This time they might carry something more dangerous than our xenophobia and fear of islam.

  3. It's trump's fault

    ABC will soon find a way to pin this on trump along with CNN, CBS,and NBC. It won’t take long! Don’t have to worry about trump restricting travel from their a liberial wack job judge will claim the disease is being discreamniated against its right to come here and can legally in fect people or its racists

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