Quebec Government Reminds Motorists The Risks Of Driving Hung Over

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MONTREAL – Drinking and driving is unacceptable. Despite some recalcitrants, the message finally seems to have passed. But what about driving the day after an evening of drinking?

Even if your blood alcohol level has become low enough to allow you to take the wheel legally, driving a car when you suffer the effects of a hangover is not without risk.

A few days before Saint-Jean-Baptiste, where over-consumption of alcohol sometimes reaches highs, Ford and Éduc’Alcool joined forces to sensitize Quebec motorists to this often overlooked issue.

“Even after sleeping, even with a zero blood alcohol level, you may not be in full possession of your driving skills,” says Hubert Sacy, general manager at Éduc’Alcool.

Some studies have looked at the subject, and the results are surprising. In 2015, an analysis in the Netherlands concluded that even with a zero blood alcohol level, motorists with a waking day had a more erratic behavior and that their reaction time was greatly reduced. We even talk about behavior similar to that of impaired drivers.

A combination for awareness raising

Ford was obviously motivated to get the message out, and developed a combination that simulates the effects of a wake-up day to raise awareness of the issue.

Developed by the German Meyer-Hentschel Institute, the “Hangover Suit” makes it possible to put yourself in the skin of a person in the waking day for a few minutes, while observing the differences that it may have on our way To drive.

With special glasses and headphones, the combination intensifies the sensitivity to light and ambient sounds. Head and ankle weights also affect balance and simulate a headache.

As we traveled to Montreal this week, representatives from Ford Canada tested the combination with a few media representatives. The goal is, of course, to talk, but above all, to demonstrate that over-consumption of alcohol can have a long-term impact on our driving abilities.

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