14,000 Year Od Village Is Oldest Discovered In Canada

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University of Victoria archaeologists confirm human presence for 14,000 years in the Heiltsuk First Nation territories on the British Columbia coast.

In November, tests carried out from fragments found on the archaeological site of Triquet Island concluded that humans lived there at the time, well before the Roman Empire or the pyramids of Egypt.

“This discovery gives a clue that America’s first major settlement took place in a glacier corridor, but also along the west coast by a maritime people. So it changes the story a bit and the way we think the first settlement happened, “said one researcher, Alisha Gauvreau, PhD student in archeology at the University of Victoria, on Phare West .

They formed a maritime people like today, but they chased the sea lion and then fished the herring.

Alisha Gauvreau, PhD student in archeology at the University of Victoria

She added that other sites in the area suggest that humans have lived there for about 13,800 years, as in Haida Gwaii.

A confirmed oral tradition

“In the Heiltsuk oral tradition, there is talk of a strip of land in the area where the excavation took place. It was a place that never froze during the Ice Age and it was a place where our ancestors came together to survive, “says First Nation member William Housty.

This discovery is very important because it largely confirms the history we have been talking about for thousands of years.

William Housty, Member of the Heiltsuk First Nation

New version of the story

This discovery has wider implications for the conception of the history of settlement in America. She questions the theory that men came from Asia to America through the Bering Strait, which was frozen at that time.

“The other possibility, supported by our data and evidence gathered through stone tools and by carbon dating, is that people have been able to travel by boat. From our point of view, it appears that they were hunters of marine mammals, “says Alisha Gauvreau.


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