787 Dreamliner Makes First Flight, Lands Safely

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The first Boeing 787-10 test took off for the first time this Friday, March 31 at 9:30 am local time. The aircraft had departed for a flight lasting nearly four hours if weather conditions did not disrupt the planned test program. Or if the planned tests were already so conclusive that the crew could decide to shorten the flight, Boeing said, shortly after take-off.

Eventually, the flight lasted nearly 5 hours, 4 hours and 58 minutes to be more precise. At the controls were test drivers Tim Berg and Mike Bryan. They worked on the flying qualities, the behavior of different aircraft systems and flight controls.

This extended version of the 787-9, with a longer fuselage of 5.5 m, already benefits from feedback accumulated first with the 787-8, then the 787-9. The “big brother” sold for the moment to 149 firm copies. The first deliveries are scheduled for mid-2018.

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