A look inside of the Space Capsule of Blue Origin

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TORONTO – Jeff Bezos revealed the design of the New space ship from his company Blue Origin, which will bring tourists into space for stays of about 10 minutes. The company hopes to begin its space travel in 2018.

Space travel is becoming fashionable with the initiatives launched by Virgin Space and even more recently by SpaceX, which will send 2 tourists near the Moon in 2018. Blue Origin , the company founded by SpaceX,, Amazon, has also been part of this race for space tourism for several years: it has just unveiled new images of the design of its future space capsule.

The latter, called New Shepard , will send tourists into space for short stays of about 10 minutes. The interior of the capsule, which incorporates 6 seats, has been designed to be particularly comfortable and, above all, to offer maximum visibility to the space environment: its design is very different compared to Space X’s Crew Dragon Which will send astronauts to the ISS.

Indeed, Jezz Bezos emphasizes with pride: ” Each seat has a window, the largest of its kind in space. The seats are reclining and the tourists will wear blue and black space suits.

Blue Origin
Blue Origin


The first trips will be made in 2018 and will cost between $ 100,000 and $ 200,000. At first, the capsule will rise with a strong acceleration, before experiencing 3 minutes of weightlessness and finally, it will gradually descend to Earth.

Jeff Bezos is obviously looking forward to the project: ” New Shepard flight tests are designed to show the performance and robustness of the system. But we also designed the interior of the capsule with special attention to precision, safety and comfort. At present, Blue Origin has successfully completed 5 launch tests , but no one was inside the capsule.

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