A Skyscraper Suspended From An Asteroid

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Toronto – a New York-based architectural firm, has introduced a totally new concept called Analemma Tower . It is in fact in the form of a skyscraper suspended upside down to an asteroid placed in the orbit of our planet. Bizarre? Surely, but that’s what makes all the charm of this architectural project.

Asteroids have fascinated researchers for a long time. NASA validated at the beginning of the year a mission to intercept an object measuring about 200 kilometers in diameter in order to exploit its deposits.


By analyzing this body, the researchers of the agency discovered that it was entirely made of steel, nickel, gold and platinum. All this for an estimated value of ten trillion euros.

Analemma Tower: a skyscraper suspended from an asteroid

To carry out this mission, NASA will begin by placing a probe in its orbit in order to analyze it and obtain at the same time the maximum data about it. At the same time, she asked her engineers to think about a system of tractor beams or probes capable of drilling.

The agency is not the only one interested in asteroids. Luxembourg, for example, would also like to drill some of these bodies and its government has even decided to associate itself with private companies to do so.

Asteroids are therefore very fashionable and it is probably also what prompted AO Clouds to work on this crazy project.

As mentioned earlier, this architectural firm has in fact imagined a skyscraper suspended from an asteroid located at an altitude of fifty thousand kilometers, an altitude consequently much higher than that of the International Space Station.

The cabinet has done the right thing and its project is extremely detailed.

He has imagined several scenarios. According to him, the asteroid of the skyscraper could perfectly be placed on an eccentric geosynchronous orbit in order to travel daily between the northern and southern hemispheres following a loop.

A project unrealizable at the moment

The electricity needed to operate the building and its many infrastructures would come from solar panels installed above the atmosphere in order to capture as much energy as possible. The water would be filtered and recycled in a loop system. In parallel, Analemma could also tap into the clouds and rainwater to renew its reserves.

The skyscraper would house various sections with a residential area, but also space for offices or even shops. Parks and gardens should also be counted on.

Of course, in practice, such a project is unlikely to succeed in the near future. This being so, this skyscraper has at least the merit of being original. It should also be pointed out that Clouds AO is not on its first try. The firm had also worked on Martian homes.

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