Asian Carp: Another Trump decision that could affect Ontario

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Without consultation, the US president decided to indefinitely suspend a plan to prevent Asian carp from settling in the Great Lakes, where 90% of the province’s drinking water comes from.

The plan, finalized by the US military in 2015, provided for the installation of electrified barriers in the Chicago area to prevent the devastating fish from advancing.

“If they settle in the Great Lakes, carp could really disrupt the ecosystem by eating a ton of plankton and algae. It’s been years since the two countries have been working together to prevent this from happening, “says Lake Ontario Waterkeeper President Mattson Mark.

He points out that fish eats 40% of its weight each day and feeds on several species at the base of the food chain.

A type of carp, the bighead carp, has been seen repeatedly in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for a number of years.

Concern for the American side

“Carp do not wait. They will not wait until the plan is in place or know what the new administration wants to do. We must act now for the long term, “says Marc Gaden, director of communications for the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

Asian carp was introduced in the 1970s in the United States to clean up southern fish farms of a certain type of algae.

It has since escaped into the Mississippi and ascended to the north.

Asian carps venture into the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River but have to find rivers to multiply. Many tributaries of the Great Lakes have the potential to become spawning rivers.

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