LIVE: April The Giraffe Had Handlers On Edge Wednesday Night

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HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. —April, a 15-year-old giraffe, was set to give birth on Friday and tens of thousands of Internet users were watching the live event on YouTube.

It is the Animal Adventure Park, a New York State Zoo, that has given the world a chance to watch the birth of April’s fourth giraffe.

According to the zoo, the baby should weigh about 150 lbs (68 kg) and measure around 6 ft (183 cm). A contest had to be organized in order to baptize him.

Oliver, 5, April’s partner, also attended, without much interest, at the beginning of the life outside her uterus of her offspring.

Animal Adventure Park posted this update to their Facebook page Wednesday:

“April is doing what she does best, and waiting, and we are thankful!

April and Oliver are doing well in their heated barn, while 2-3′ of snow encapsulate the property. All other stock is sheltered in place and comfortable.

April’s condition remains the same as days prior, for which we are thankful.”

The Zoo posted this update Tuesday night:

“We remain in a holding pattern. No significant change from this morning or last night, though all signs are still present – suggesting we are at the end of the pregnancy. Slight discharge, swelling, pulsing, etc. Keepers reported that baby is very active this evening. April remains in STELLAr (did you get that snowstorm joke) condition.

We remain under the attack of Snowstorm Stella. All animals are safe and comfortable, keepers remain on site this evening to continue to ensure proper conditions.

Procedures are in place to get the necessary individuals to the site should April begin to birth”

April the giraffe’s handlers said they had a long night on Wednesday.

In a new update, posted to Facebook  Animal Adventure Park official facebook page, zoo handlers Livsaid they “witnessed some very interesting behavior that had us on edge.”

On Thursday morning, however, park officials said April’s behavior had settled. She’ll continue to be monitored and watched throughout the day, as she has been for weeks.

Park officials plan to do a Facebook Live video at some point Thursday to answer questions from the many people around the world who have been keeping their eye on the soon-to-be mama giraffe.


See below for live streaming, or click here to visit YouTube

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