Why Canadian Sex Toy Company Was Sued

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If you were in New York and he was in Los Angeles, they could still have sex together, virtually. As many as 100 thousand people bought the vibrator that allows partners to synchronize intimate massage and communicate via text message or video-chat during the meeting.

She and he, however, would never have suspected that their virtual meetings could be registered by the manufacturer server. Dates, times, duration of appointments, vibration intensity, heat the affected body part: everything, including your email address used by clients to download the app needed, was finished in the archives of the manufacturer of the sex-toy We- Vibe, the Standard Innovation Corp. he discovered last summer a group of New Zealand hacker, who has revealed the embarrassing truth.

The Canadian company must now repair the damage done, and will pay out nearly four million dollars to repay customers who bought the sex toy. The 200,000 who chose the massager in its simple form and “single”, will be $ 200. But the 100,000 who have purchased the product and downloaded the app to use it “in a relationship” will be $ 10,000. The company is also committed to destroy the delicate harvested material.

The agreement was reached after the company was sued for damages for violating the privacy and defrauding consumers. Although the company is Canadian, the case was filed in Chicago, two American customers.

The product still remains on the market, but the Standard Innovation insures “taken seriously the privacy of customers, and data security,” and explained that he had “increased the security of the app.”

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