Elon Musk traffic Tunnel Comany Boring, Unveils Concept Video

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TORONTO – Boring, the company launched by Elon Musk last March to create underground roads, received its drill. The machine, which weighs 1,200 tons and measures 120 meters long, will drill tunnels 20 meters in diameter in California.

In March, Elon Musk announced twice the launch of Boring, a public works company creating underground roads to ease traffic congestion. Since this message, it was difficult to know where this project was. But, obviously, it is progressing well.

As proof, a monumental drill has just been delivered to SpaceX on the site of Hawthorne in California. This 1,200-tonne machine should soon start drilling a 20-meter-diameter tunnel, which will therefore start on the site of the billionaire space launch company.

No tracks have yet been unveiled

It remains to unveil the layout of these new routes. In California, the subsoil belongs to the owners of the land. Boring will negotiate with each of them, and compensate them for getting its tunnels? Or does the company have the authorization of the State to install its infrastructures under existing pipeline networks?

For Elon Musk, it is not a question of crossing the mountains as drills usually do, but of creating an underground road network. - Josep Lago - AFP
For Elon Musk, it is not a question of crossing the mountains as drills usually do, but of creating an underground road network. – Josep Lago – AFP

Boring did not publicly mention this constraint, but obviously has the authority to launch the project that was approved by Donald Trump. In fact, as a picture of his account of Instagram has revealed in a SpaceX employee, work has already started to install 15 meters underground this machine more than 120 meters long on which Boring inscribed his logo.

A rail network for supersonic trains

Financially, the Boring project is supported by the US government in the infrastructure modernization program. But also, according to Bloomberg , by the investment bank Blackstone and the Carlyle fund, who would have already planned the necessary budget to ensure the works.

Elon Musk’s new project would be to create a new road network to alleviate California roads that are totally blocked by traffic congestion. These new lanes will be reserved exclusively for electric vehicles. The executive also intends to create a rail network for Hyperloop supersonic trains.

Recall that Elon Musk is the boss of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar City, and that it was he who initiated the Hyperloop project that was implemented by two companies out of his control. By launching this idea of ​​very high-speed trains propelled into pressure tubes, he explained at the time that he was too busy to embark on a new industrial adventure.

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7 thoughts on “Elon Musk traffic Tunnel Comany Boring, Unveils Concept Video

  1. right

    I like how in this video it only shows 1 car waiting in line to use this service. That shit would be wrapped around two blocks.

  2. Mel

    This is insanely stupid and they clearly have no idea how incredibly expensive tunneling is.

    Not everything Musk shits is gold. Just look at hyperloop.

  3. ead

    HOLD UP! let me get this straight for a second. shit. okay so, are you really gonna trust a mechanical lunch-trey to move your car, with YOU in it!, going OVER 120 MPH!!?? Nigga! I don’t even trust myself going that fast, how the fuck……

  4. bo knows

    this will help pollution because it is better than having a million cars sitting in the road turned on and burning fuel in traffic.

  5. umm no

    u cant hallow out the underground part of the city that would take forever bc u are literally cutting a chunk out of the earth, and the citie’s weight would not be supported bc there is only a thin pieces of earth underneath the buildings and then nothing and what if something goes wrong, can an ambulance or a fire truck fit into one of those car-molds to get down there? i have more to say but ik this isnt real so imma stop

  6. tunnel idea is retarded

    Retarded idea, what is the point of the car then?
    It`s casual metro for a fucking single vehicle? WHAT?
    Have you imagined a safety rules for this place?
    What if there will be atack of a terrorists, what if there will be a problem?
    Ventilation, additional electricity for each platform.
    Jees why would you even do a video for this retarded idea?

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