Kitty Hawk Show Off Its Flying Car

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LOS ANGELES – The startup Kitty Hawk has just delivered the first details of its futuristic vehicle: the Flyer, it will fly for 2000 dollars, about 1840 euros when made in mass production. This vehicle belongs to a category of ultra light aircraft that does not require a pilot license in the United States, according to Vertical Mag. On the other hand, they can not be used in the city at the moment, only in sparsely populated areas.

his first prototype looks more like a motorcycle than a car in itself, with a basic design to facilitate its landing on the water. With its unique engine and eight rotors, the Flyer is a very noisy vehicle at the moment.

“We believe when everyone has access to personal flight, a new, limitless world of opportunity will open up to them,” the company says on its website.


The New York Times writes:

During his recent test flight, Cameron Robertson, the aerospace engineer, used two joysticklike controls to swing the vehicle back and forth above Clear Lake, sliding on the air as a Formula One car might shimmy through a racecourse. The flight, just 15 feet above the water, circled over the lake about 20 or 30 yards from shore, and after about five minutes Mr. Robertson steered back to a floating landing pad at the end of a dock.

It is intended for amateurs, nevertheless Kitty Hawk intends to create the next flying vehicles that could revolutionize our way of moving. This US start-up was created by Sebastian Thrun, a Google Car project manager. Moreover, Larry Page (co-founder of Google) is one of the investors of this start-up.

Flying car Kitty Hawk
Flying car Kitty Hawk

“We have been in contact with the F.A.A. and we see the regulators as friends,” Mr. Thrun said in an interview. He agreed that concerns about vehicles flying over our heads were legitimate. “I believe that all of us have to work together to understand how new technologies will shape the future of society, ” he said.

Kitty Hawk is the second company specializing in individual flying vehicles funded by Larry Page. The first, Zee.Aero , is still so mysterious, although the founder of Google has invested $ 100 million, according to Bloomberg .

Even big-name jetmakers like Airbus have unveiled flying car concepts designed to relieve urban congestion, with prototype test flights slated for later this year.

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    It basically looks like a gigantic octocopter, much like drone builders have been toying with for a few years now, only scaled up to human-operated scale.

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