Giant squid caught off the southwest coast of Ireland (PHOTO)

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DUBLIN – Giant squid caught off the southwest coast of Ireland

As reported by the Irish times, giant squid caught off the southwest coast this week is only the sixth documented Irish sighting of the elusive marine creature on record.

The squid, measuring 5.8 metres (19 feet), is the first seen in Irish waters in 22 years. The first known recording of a giant squid was in 1673 near the Aran Islands.

The latest find was caught in a trawling net on Monday by fisherman Pete Flannery, skipper of the Cú na Mara, near the Porcupine Basin – 190km off the Kerry coast.
Mr Flannery’s father, Michael, caught two giant squids off the Kerry coast in 1995, the last time one was caught in Irish waters.

The squid was brought to Dingle’s Oceanworld Aquarium and from there will be sent to the Natural History Museum.

“The total records from Ireland show there was one caught west of the Aran Islands and two in Kerry in 1995,” Aquarium director Kevin Flannery said. “Records show the first sighting of a giant squid was on October 3rd, 1673. The next wasn’t until 1875 in Inisbofin and then there were three in 1995.

The squid found this week is large than the 2013 specimen, the aquarium said on Facebook. “The mantle is and diameter of suckers are but tentacles slightly shorter but on the whole the head is much bigger and seems heavier! The beak is amazing!”

“The giant squid is the one the sperm whales have to dive deep down for, they go extremely deep, down 40 or 50 feet. They’re so elusive, hardly anyone has ever seen one. National Geographic has only filmed them recently for the first time ever off the coast of New Zealand. ”

A giant squid was found washed ashore on a beach in New Zealand in 2016 and the aquarium staff now in possession of the corpse are really jazzed about the discovery.
A giant squid was found washed ashore on a beach in New Zealand in 2016 and the aquarium staff now in possession of the corpse are really jazzed about the discovery.

Also known as Kraken, the giant squid was feared by fishermen and sailors.

“If found inside in a net, they were known to grab sailors and spread their tentacles around them,” he said. “They will cut and they’ll bore into you, once they grab you.”

The Porcupine bank is just at the end of a shelf that drops down 3,000 metres to the ocean’s bed. “Obviously, this one, which is male, came up to feed and was chasing fish when it got caught in the net,” Mr Flannery said. “We know it was a young male and it would have grown much bigger.”

Giant squids normally swim in the deep sea.

The giant squid, “Architeuthis” to scientists, is sometimes described as one of the last mysteries of the ocean, being part of a world so hostile to humans that it has been little explored.

In 2006, scientists from Japan’s National Science Museum managed to lure a relatively small 3.5 metre-long giant squid to the surface.

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43 thoughts on “Giant squid caught off the southwest coast of Ireland (PHOTO)

  1. Madison

    Leave the ocean life alone. Is NOTHIGN sacred? What the Hel* do we need to kill a squid for a museum for? No WONDER our planet is in PERIL. All for human POWER and GREED. We are just destroying everything on this planet….idiots.

    1. scott froid

      Way, way, way, too much time on Madison’s hands. Good grief ! Your delusional belief in human greed and power driving us is simple minded. I am embarrassed for you.

      1. Madison

        Scott, as someone else commented, definitely teenage mentality/low IQ? Too much time on my hands, laughable. Finishing a 12 hour day as a certified paralegal.
        Since you’re unaware, one small example out of thousands of our single-handedly destroying our planet: Great Barrier Reef. Or, extinct animals, near extinction, our rain forests, our oceans, our beaches, global warming, our….planet. ALL courtesy of arrogant humans. I wish you were right, and I wish I were wrong.
        I rarely comment publicly, and will not return here to dignify ignorant remarks from you.
        Bottom line, leave our ocean life alone. We don’t need to slaughter and slab a majestic giant squid to generate revenue at a museum. Show a video of a LIVE one in its natural habitat.

        1. Scott

          I’ve come to the conclusion that Madison and Jen are the same person under different aliases. Same use of words, use of fully capitalized words, and they agree with each other. That person has way too much time on their hands. Also, being a certified paralegal does not mean you do not have a low IQ. I’m a little surprised you’re a paralegal based on your writing style and use of grammar.

        2. jim

          You really show your ignorance…Science needs these things to learn and develop new medicines and other discoveries….unless you’ve never taken any medicine you are as guilty as anybody else of exploiting things for your own benefit….Something was killed to feed you and to learn how to keep you well…

      2. Sean

        Madison is exactly right and i am glad to see that their are educated people of higher intelligence paying attention to what is going on. What a shame in this modern world were everyone has all the worlds information in the palm of their hand there is no excuse for being blatantly ignorant. at least 11 species of Mammals right here in America have went extinct in just the last 125 years and that’s just Mammals count in plants tree’s insects and marine life and the species are in the hundreds and that’s just in America. Good news is we are a country that are trying to save animals & plant life not destroy it. Country’s like Japan are netting and catching shark and cutting off their fins because the Japanese think it is a aphrodisiac and they think it will get their little tiny penis hard and it gets worse the rest of the shark they throw overboard and waste the meat because the fins are so expensive they just don’t care. The worlds Tiger population is also at risk because the Japanese think it to will make their little tiny penis hard. Their are over a Dozen Countries that have banned the use of animals in the circus or petting zoo’s basally banning animals from being caged and used for human entertainment. The Animal Marine Insect Plant life that has gone extinct world wide in just the last five years is terrifying. If only we could raise the IQ of all the people in the world like you Scott we could save our wildlife stop polluting and actually help our planet and ourself s. But i know this is a dream and could never happen due to the majority of people that are just like you Scott Froid. I am embarrassed for you Scott because of your simple mind and your Fallacies due to your lack of formal education. What a shame did your teachers and parents fail you ???? or are you just a blatant retard ????

      3. Paula

        Why? Because she cares? Maybe if more people were as considerate as Madison instead of selfish like scott, the planet would be in better condition.

    2. dolly

      @Madison — Nothing is sacred anymore. Drugs, perversion, mutilation, abuse, nudity, violence, death, etc are apparently the prize that so many people are fighting for.

      “We” are not destroying everything. A few people are destroying everything and getting fools to promote the blame to everyone else.

    3. jim

      We kill them to find new and better Medicines to save my wifes life and perhaps you or your childrens…

      1. Dave

        Jim, Jim, Jim. Sheeesh! Please STFU. Your point is not what is being discussed here. Pharmaceutical research does not require boat loads of squid, or boat loads of any other animal, fish or fowl.

  2. jen

    why does EVERY LIVING THING have to be KILLED??couldn’t the squid be measured,a pic taken then released??humans are parasites to al living creatures Humans are addicted to murdering living creatures It’s all so wrong

    1. Sean

      Jen unfortunately humans are animals also. But some like me and you and others that care have evolved past being barbaric savages. Lets hope that many more will follow.

  3. Celeste

    Why did they have to kill it??? Just take a picture of it, and let it go. This is SO damn wrong. Those fishermen should be prosecuted and jailed for what they did to this precious life.

  4. Celeste

    Why did they have to kill it??? Just take a picture of it, and let it go. This is SO completely wrong. Those fishermen should be prosecuted and jailed for what they did to this precious life.

  5. Dave

    Giant squids are deep sea creatures, when they inadvertently wind up in a fishing net an hauled to the surface, the die from decompression, so it was already dead when they found it. I suggest you educate yourselves before posting emotional criticisms.

    1. Madison

      Dave, I suggest you read the title. It clearly reads that they “CAUGHT” a giant squid. You do not “CATCH” something dead….you find it, or it washes up. Would you “catch” a dead bird? Come on.

    1. Madison

      It says it was CAUGHT in the title. Again, do you “catch” something that died? No, you find it. They KILLED IT.

      1. Eric

        They inadvertently “caught” it while trawling for fish. I don’t think they meant to catch a squid. If you read the story, squid are extremely rare in those waters. So it would be very unlikely the were fishing for squid. I think it’s tragic, but in the world of commercial fishing, it happens. But I don’t think the fishermen tried to kill it. It died in their net.

          1. Allem

            How dumb can you get? If they try to let put the bigger water creatures they lose their fish. If they lose their fish they lose money. They will sell the dolphin and other large creatures of they are DEAD. If alive they throw them back.

  6. Elizabeth

    Just out of curiosity… did anyone bother to read the picture description? “A giant squid was found washed ashore on a beach in New Zealand in 2016 and the aquarium staff now in possession of the corpse are really jazzed about the discovery.”
    It was already dead. Before getting your undies in a bunch make sure your angry for the right reasons.

  7. BreAnna

    What I don’t get is how people are freaking out over a giant squid being caught when we eat meat every day. You eat fish, chicken, beef, and pork!!!! Those are all living breathing creatures that live in inhumane conditions never knowing what freedom is because we send them to slaughter so we can have food!!! They are all living beings, but I don’t see you freaking out about that. Also you can catch something that is dead. If it winds up in a fishing net weather it is dead or alive you CAUGHT IT!!! Also it clearly states in the article its very rare to catch one of these so I’m sure they aren’t going extinct and are just fine at the bottom of the ocean.

    1. carole

      BreAnna, I think many people like me are vegetarians. Fishing nets should have a way out for large animals like dolphin. And it may be rarely caught because it is going extinct.

  8. andy

    These are the types of posts and comments i find completely contradictory to what is being said. If you are using a computer and the internet and electricity to power said technology then you are also contributing to the slow death of our planet…. I am not a animal rights activist in fact i find these types of people to be slightly under educated and ridiculous. Animals where placed on this planet for humans to use weather that be for medical uses, food, clothing ect. Read the best selling book on the planet…..

    Vegans discus me… how can you drink water that a fish’s home.. you savage!!!!!!

  9. wheezy Jefferson

    @andy weather is whats going on outside your window & what do the vegans say about you?

  10. wheezy Jefferson

    or after re reading the last bit tell th vegans to stop throwing em @ya!! tried to read your book but can’ t be as small & closed minded,homophobic, intolerant & mysgonsnitic as the “authors”

  11. Nick

    I can’t believe there is even an argument about this the caption didn’t say ” today squid raped by humans” I love nature as well but squid are pretty much worms and examining one that washed up on shore isn’t criminal if anything it gives us the ability to appreciate and understand this organism quit freaking out you pansies I won’t even squash a fly but I won’t get my panties in a bunch over examining a deceased creature that we know honestly very little about quit crying killing living animals is one thing but examining a deceased animal is a completely different subject what if we could find out what killed the squid that appeared on the beach and use the evidence to back the claims on why our oceans should be protected in my opinion the good this research can accomplish far outweigh the concerns for it’s respectable burial if you aren’t part of the solution your part of the problem I guess next we should build a monument to the oxygen molecules who died for us wtf mate

  12. Chris K.

    Lmao I never read the comments on most of these stories but you guys are entertaining and…ridiculous. You want to be an animal or aquatic advocate, be my guest. You want to be someone that that thinks that it’s no big deal they caught an alive or dead squid, again be my guest. I’m going on 40 years old and I got bigger shit to worry about than what someone else thinks on certain topics. Is saving these animals helping pay MY bills? Nope. Is submitting these specimens to museums or any other place to have them examined paying MY bills? Again..nope. We are all going to die sometime and for me personally, I certainly don’t have time to worry about wtf is going on elsewhere let alone argue with others like yourselves worrying about shit that is out of yours and my control.

  13. Giant Squid

    I’m not one for spirit animals, and I like sperm whales. But if I had to choose, Giant Squid would be my spirit animal. Though I’d rather be a Kracken.

  14. chey

    I think there are alot of different animal’s like this that are even bigger way down deep in the ocean’s. They for some reason are getting alot bigger, maybe because of all the chemical’s that are dumpped into the ocean’s do ya think steven?

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