How Scientists Can Now Turn Air Into Water

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Known for its rarity, the essential character of water to life and development earned it a nickname: blue gold. But unlike the precious metal, this liquid body is not only found in the soil. The air is composed of it, if not saturated. Based on this finding, a team from MIT and the University of California has designed a device that captures this moisture to transform it into water. Knowing that the resource lacks two thirds of the world’s population, the prototype represents ” a major breakthrough,” according to chemistry professor Omar Yaghi.


In humidity conditions of 20 to 30%, close to those of a desert, the device produced nearly three liters in 12 hours. For this, it uses solar energy and an organic metal. ” In the future, houses will not need to be connected to a network but will have a device that supplies water through the Sun,according to a Yaghi thesis. ” This work offers a new way of harvesting water in a low humidity air that is much more energy efficient than existing technologies  ,” said MIT team leader Evelyn Wang. There is progress in the air.



According to the authors, the instrument could allow finally to exploit the huge abundance of water – estimated at 13 million billion liters worldwide – in the air around us. “This is the most important turning point in the challenge to be able to collect water from the air at low humidity,” notes Omar Yaghi , one of the study authors. “At the moment there are no other innovative ways to do it, at least without using extra energy.”

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