hyperloop trial run ready for next year

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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), one of Elon Musk’s start-up carriers (Tesla, Paypal, SpaceX), is expecting to start up operations in Abu Dhabi in the early 2020s. Next agreement of a building permit.

Hyperloop is not a chimera and the first capsules of this funny “futuristic train” will start levitating in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of the next decade, assures AFP Bibop Gresta, the n ° 1 of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies ), One of the companies working on the project. “ The question is not whether, but when .” The concept of these capsules, floating at 1,200 km / h in low-pressure tubes, was taken up again in 2013 by billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, SpaceX space exploration, but it only encouraged other companies to embark on the adventure. Three start-ups are in the race:

For Bibop Gresta, the technology is there, and there is nothing left to do but take action. “ We announced last week the construction of our first full-sized Hyperloop, a capsule will be built in Spain and assembled here in France, in Toulouse, in our research and development unit ” which will see the light on the old base Of Francazal. A prototype already exists since 2015, and test tracks are to be built soon in the pink city, as well as in California (where the building permit is waiting) and in Abu Dhabi.

hyperloop trial run ready
hyperloop trial run ready

Hyperloop Transportation Technology has signed contracts in California, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Abu Dhabi. Discussions are also underway in Indonesia and India, ahead of China, says Gresta. But it is in the Emirates that things are the most advanced. “ On 15 April, we will announce to the world the results of the most comprehensive (feasibility) study ever conducted on a Hyperloop system. The Abu Dhabi government is very enthusiastic ,” he said. . The idea is to connect Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, distant of 150 km, in 9 minutes! Bibop Gresta hopes to obtain a planning permit quickly. After that, ” it will have to wait (the beginning of the 2020s) to see the first Hyperloop to work ,” he said.

hyperloop trial run ready

In concrete terms, HTT plans to levitate capsules carrying between 28 and 40 people, which will be able to succeed each other every 40 seconds in tubes placed on pylons (duly reinforced, to withstand terrorists and earthquakes). If possible built over existing motorways or railways. Passengers will be able to choose the virtual landscape that will run behind the false windows …

The company estimates the necessary investment between $ 20 million and $ 40 million per kilometer (compared with $ 20 million, for example, for the new Le Mans-Rennes high-speed line), if it is necessary to go underground or Stacks the tubes on top of each other to increase capacity. Up to seven tubes can be held on the pylons, according to the HTT diagrams.

For the technological side, we would go solar panels, wind, cybernetics, recovery of braking energy and sometimes geothermal energy. Than what we consume, “Enthuses Bibop Gresta, speaking already in the present. To be Believed articles Regularly Announcing new ultra-fast links, Such As Lyon Saint-Etienne in 8 minutes last week, are definitely not science fiction …

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