Is NASA Hiding An Alien Moon Base On The Moon?

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According to UFO hunters, Nasa is trying to conceal the presence of an alien base on the Moon. Conspiracyists have spotted a suspicious object on images sent by the LRO probe.

On the Moon images made by the NASA space probe LRO, conspiracyists of the group of UFO hunters on YouTube “SecureTeam10” believe they have spotted an alien base.


Analysts say it is not a naturaly forming. As proof, they show images taken from different angles and points, which would prove the object’s ability to move.

UFO experts say that Nasa is aware of the presence of a spacecraft on the Moon, but hide the information from the public.

Another enigma engendered by the publication of these clichés: a triangular crater with abnormally straight sides.

Strangely, soon after being spotted by SecureTeam10, the object disappeared from the images.


Proof Of Mobile Alien Bases On The Moon?



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