Mars Dirt Good For Making Bricks Apparently

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A team of engineers from the University of California has made it easy to build bricks from artificial “martian soil” supplied by NASA.

Will there be a Mars day? Difficult to answer today this question but it is still that if it became possible, humanity will be already equipped to build its first shelters. A team of engineers from the University of California, San Diego, has managed to make the first bricks based on “Martian earth”.
The researchers obtained a bit of land made by Nasa, imitating the properties of the soil of Mars. In the end, the manufacture of these bricks proved quite easy. Indeed, by being compressed, the “Martian earth” hardens like a rock and becomes even more resistant than reinforced concrete. It was therefore enough to press the blocks of this reddish matter. Nothing else to do, no other materials to add, no baking.

Of course, one problem is that this is all just a simulation with no actual Martian dirt around to test. “That is also our worry—everyone’s worry,” mechanical engineer and co-author Yu Qiao tells Popular Science.

The journal Scientific Reports published the engineers’ findings online yesterday.

Here is your Martian brick:

Mars dirt bricks\
Mars dirt bricks\

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5 thoughts on “Mars Dirt Good For Making Bricks Apparently

  1. Trump

    The research is still early and the technology is unlikely to be ready in time to meet President Trump’s stated goal of putting people on Mars by the end of his first term, but it could lay the groundwork for settlement of the planet if further study and testing confirms its findings.

  2. dd

    Wouldnt it make more sense to dig downward rather than build upward with bricks? Underground habitats would prevent the radiation, allow for better temperature control, and would require fewer resources to construct.

  3. adrew

    We need to slam on the brakes for Mars missions. Seriously folks, the way we are going about it is wrong. What we should be doing is pouring our effort and collaborating with the other world space agencies to do it, is try to create an artificial magnetic field around mars. This would greatly reduce the stripping effect of the solar winds on Mars’s atmosphere. Next we should crash a few large comets or asteroids into the planet. Like kilometre sized rocks or balls of ice. This would create a greenhouse effect and heat the planet. If we can get the planet warm enough, the ice caps will melt and release carbon dioxide thickening the atmosphere further.

    The goal is bringing the atmospheric pressure on mars to the same level as earth, then introducing plants to pump out oxygen.

  4. casey

    There are post-war buildings in LA made of concrete poured over an inflatable rubber core. Once the concrete dried, the core was removed and voila. Probably would not meet modem building codes, though.

  5. dan

    Now if the machine could get through all the hurdles of getting zoning permits and housing inspections, THAT would be impressive. Also it needs to handle all the plumbing, electric, gas, etc. Just slapping a shell together in a day… heck, I’ve witnessed actual Amish make structures much bigger and better looking in a single day without any machinery.

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