Microsoft Unveils New Surface Laptop

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Microsoft is making news again with the announcement of its Surface Laptop. But the American giant obviously has other surprises for us since they invited the press to a new event on May 23red. The company leaves no room for doubt, a new Surface product will be presented. The Surface Pro 5?

A few days ago, Microsoft introduced its surprising PC integrating Windows 10S , Surface Laptop. With this machine, the Redmond firm clearly wants to impose itself as a competitor of the Macbook Air and Chromebooks.

But by presenting this new product, the company gave only a taste of its plans. Indeed, Microsoft has just announced that a new event will take place on May 23, 2017 in Shanghai . And there will be once again Surface.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 released May 23, 2017?

It is the boss of the Surface division himself who made the announcement on Twitter. Panay Panay said that a Microsoft event will take place on 23 May. He completed his tweet by the hashtag #Surface. There is no doubt that a Surface product will be presented.

At this stage, and according to the latest information published here and there, there is a good chance that the product presented will be a new Surface Pro 5 tablet . For a few months now, Surface Pro 4 has seen its sales fall. Released in October 2015 and greatly pleased, it needs renewal.

If Surface Pro 5 should not revolutionize the genre, it would still give a new lease of life to Microsoft’s tablet range. And the firm of Redmond no doubt anticipated surprises. In recent times, the company has been quite successful in presenting us with unexpected products or services. Who knew for the Surface Laptop?

The opportunity to see other surprises is all the more concrete as Microsoft invites all the international press to an event in Shanghai. The firm would not only present a simple enhanced version of its Surface Pro. Will the Redmond company announce another Surface Book? Or will we finally discover the famous Surface Phone ? The bets are open !

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