Mini Super Nintendo To Launch By Christmas

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TORONTO As you probably already know, Nintendo has ended production of the small NES Classic Edition console just recently. Did not you get the chance to get the little gift box? Too late, we will have to rely on the dealers!

One scenario often evoked is that the disappearance of the NES Mini is to make way for other memories consoles, including the Super Nintendo Classic Edition .

That that EuroGamer , a media having leaked information about Switch Nintendo previously said that the SNES Classic Edition will be launched for Christmas.

“Nintendo will follow its NES microconsole with a mini version of the SNES,” sources told the company at EuroGamer.

According to these anonymous sources, the production would already be started, but the included games would not be known yet. 

It is known, since the first announcement of the NES Classic Edition, that the console was not a permanent product. It will be expected the same with the SNES Classic Edition, which would also be just a special edition for retro fanatics.

The price and the included games are still not known and Nintendo has not confirmed anything. We will have to wait a little longer for a confirmation! The news has also been reported by IGN, Polygon and GameSpot, the major media of gaming .

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