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Although they are no substitute for applications that are now essential to globe-trotters like Yelp or Google Maps, social media can be a real goldmine for travelers.Here’s how to take advantage of it.

1. Find inspiration on Instagram

Owned by Facebook since 2012, Instagram boasts more than 600 million users around the world. Of course, it is the place par excellence for the maniacs of “selfies”, but the social network also abounds in wonderful shots that can inspire you. To do this, you can go hunting for inspirational users specializing in travel. You can also search for keywords (“hashtags”) of the places you want to visit or simply use the geolocation tab to search for cities, places or events that are likely to interest you.

2. Ask friends for advice on Facebook

One of your friends on Facebook recently visited Venice or Tuscany and you plan on going there on your next trip? Obviously, you can contact him for advice and suggestions for restaurants, hotels or excursions. His holiday photos can also be a good source of inspiration. Above all, do not forget to visit and “love” Facebook pages in connection with your trip, history not to miss a nice discount that would go through there.

3. Discover the infinite possibilities of Pinterest

We are not all familiar with Pinterest. But once you know how it works, the social media is an inexhaustible source for travelers of all sorts. How to use it? By simply visiting the site or application and doing a simple search like, say, “well prepare your trip”. You will see that the platform is full of tips to “pin” on your board. Lists of luggage preparation, destinations, tips for choosing your backpack … The possibilities are endless. You just have to go.

4. Ask questions on Twitter

On Twitter, everything goes very fast. This social network is a mine of first-hand information. In addition to finding a multitude of articles, photos or videos by searching by keywords, it is possible to interact directly with travel enthusiasts who would be able to advise you on places they have Already visited. It can also be tourist offices, restaurants, hotels, airlines or even citizens lambdas. Try, you have nothing to lose.

5. Meet with Tinder or Grindr

For those who prefer to travel solo, dating apps like Tinder or Grindr can be a great way to break a little solitude once there. But above all, it is better to set things straight. What is the purpose of your meetings? Friendly relations? Charnels? Traveling companions? A little bit of that? Be clear when filling out your profile. You will meet tourists, like you, or locals who could give you good trails or make you visit the place.

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