Qualcomm Apple Beef Heats Up

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Qualcomm has filed a complaint against Apple in the dispute between the two US giants about patents and anti-competitive practices, also accusing it of encouraging prosecution against him in the rest of the world

Apple had attacked Qualcomm in January in the United States, accusing it of having “over-billured” billions of dollars through anti-competitive licensing practices while claiming compensation. Apple had filed two similar complaints against Qualcomm in China a few days later.

In a complaint filed Monday night, Qualcomm rejected these claims and accused Apple of failing to negotiate in good faith on royalties relating to patents.

According to Qualcomm, Apple is abusing its dominant position in the smartphone market to reduce the amount of royalties it must pay to use certain Qualcomm patents and components for its iPhone.

“Apple’s goal is to rely on its huge position to force Qualcomm to accept a lower price for its patented technologies that helped it earn more than $ 760 billion by selling iPhone,” says the manufacturer Of electronic components in its complaint, filed in the same California court that the one that already examines the complaint of Apple.

Qualcomm also argues that the Cupertino Group has encouraged antitrust authorities around the world, notably in South Korea and the European Union, to take an interest in Qualcomm by “intentionally giving governmental agencies false and misleading information” subject.

Qualcomm is asking for compensation which has not been quantified.

The US competition authorities (FTC) sued Qualcomm in January, accusing it of violating antitrust laws when selling certain components and licenses to smartphone manufacturers, including Apple. Qualcomm rejected the charges.

South Korea also imposed a record fine on Qualcomm in late December, amounting to just over $ 850 million, for acts similar to those alleged by the FTC. The group had announced its intention to appeal.

Qualcomm had also been fined a fine of $ 975 million in China in early 2015, which it did not contest. He then agreed to change the licensing requirements for his core patents and to forgo linking these licenses with the sale of his chips for smart phones sold in China.

Qualcomm is also challenging an investigation by the European Commission’s competition services which could result in a fine equivalent to 10% of its annual turnover of around $ 24 billion.

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