Samsung To Enter Self-Driving Cars Market

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While they are already competing in the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple may also be in the automotive sector. Indeed, both companies are interested in autonomous cars.

It seems that Apple and Samsung, the two leaders in the smartphone market, are also going to compete in another sector: autonomous cars.

It has been a long time since all kinds of rumors about the projects of the Cupertino firm circulate on the web. And in April, it obtained an authorization to test autonomous vehicles in California, reports a Reuters article.

A Samsung spokesperson.said:

“Samsung Electronics plans to develop algorithms, sensors and computer modules that will make a self-driving car that is reliable even in the worst weather conditions,”

As for Samsung, it has already explicitly expressed interest in this sector. In 2015, the Korean manufacturer announced the formation of a new branch dedicated to automotive, focused on infotainment, navigation systems and autonomous cars.

And today we learn that Samsung has also obtained an authorization from the Korean Ministry of Transport to test independent cars in Seoul. According to the Korea Herald, the vehicles in question will be Hyundai models to which Samsung has added its technology to get independent cars.

 Hyundai was granted permission for public testing in February 2016. Photograph: Morgan J Segal/Hyundai
Hyundai was granted permission for public testing in February 2016. Photograph: Morgan J Segal/Hyundai

The aim of the company would not be to manufacture its own vehicles but only components that could subsequently be used by car manufacturers.

In addition to traditional manufacturers, many high-tech companies are interested in this market. For example, Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet , has been testing its models for years. Uber, meanwhile , has bought a start-up named Otto in order to have the necessary technologies. And BlackBerry also tests in Canada.

According to The Guardian, Samsung is just one of 20 firms given permission to test self-driving technology on public roads in South Korea.


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