Siri 108 Prank Could Mean A Call to ‘911’

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TORONTO – If you see a post in your news feed on Facebook or Twitter, encouraging you to try a new manipulation with Siri, beware. For a few days, Pranksters are tricking people into saying ‘Hey Siri, 108’,


“To all the owners of iPhone … Say 108 to Siri, you will thank me later ” said at the beginning of last week a profile on Google +, which is supposed to be the one causing the bad joke.

By reading these numbers aloud, the user unknowingly calls an emergency number since it is in fact the emergency call center in India. A number that is of course unknown to European iPhone owners, and that can therefore easily go through a shortcut eventually giving access to a new feature of the smartphone. The trouble is that the call is automatically redirected to local emergencies … A joke fun for some that can however lead to heavy penalties because calling an emergency number for no apparent reason can lead to legal proceedings …

To add to the misfortune of iPhone owners, several variants of this bad joke are currently circulating on social networks. It would be possible to obtain the same results with the digits “911”, “112” or “000”.

If you see this message in your newsfeed, please leave a comment to inform other users of the prank…

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