SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule Is Back On Earth

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The SpaceX unmanned capsule of the American company SpaceX landed safely Sunday in the Pacific after a supply mission from the International Space Station (ISS) where it remained docked for nearly a month, SpaceX said.

Dragon delivered nearly 2.2 tons of food, water and scientific experiment equipment to the orbital outpost on February 23 on behalf of NASA.

After unloading the cargo from Dragon, the crew of the Station then loaded it with litter and materials, and with material and samples of scientific experiments carried out in microgravity to transport them to laboratories on Earth.

The Dragon capsule was dropped from the station’s remote manipulator arm after being disarmed to begin its journey of more than six hours to return to Earth. Dragon landed in the Pacific off the coast of Mexico, His final descent braked by three enormous parachutes.

“Today we have said goodbye to Dragon: the ship is bringing important scientific samples on the Earth, some of which come from the crew itself,” said French astronaut Thomas Pesquet in a message on Twitter. Of the six crew members who arrived at the ISS last November.

SpaceX’s next planned launch is set for March 27 as its next mission, which will carry a satellite from Luxembourg’s SES for TV broadcast and telecommunication services.

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