Tesla begins solar roof orders, to be shipped next year

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The arrival of the solar tiles of Tesla is precise and we can already order them. Shipping will take place next year.

With a little month behind, Tesla has just announced that the pre-orders of its famous solar tiles are open. If the first installations do not start before 2018, we learn that only two finishes are available at the moment (Textured and Smooth). The styles of tiles Tuscan and Slate are not expected before next year.

As a reminder, these new types of tiles make it possible to produce energy from the sun’s rays without actually installing a panel, elegantly and optimizing the useful solar surface since the entire roof can be used. Of course, the cost of such an installation will vary depending on the configuration and size of the roofs to be equipped, but Elon Musk’s company estimates that it is about $ 240 per square meter in general and This cost may be less than that of a conventional roof.

Tesla is basically aiming for new constructions with this system, even if the company does not rule out that renovations of roofs can be made with these tiles despite the burden of the work done. It’s’ For this reason, Tesla will also sell more conventional solar panels in response to a request to add a solar power source without causing too much work.

Tesla solar roof orders
Tesla solar roof orders

When ordering, a tool allowing to calculate the cost of the material quite accurately is proposed anyway. It is also possible to calculate the amortization of its investment by covering the installation costs and the sums represented by the potential energy production, depending on the location and exposure of the house , Comparing all this with the cost of local electricity.

They released a calculator directly on their website, which any homeowner in the US can use to get an estimate based on data from Google’s Sunroof project. Here’s an example for a home in Maryland with both 70% solar coverage and 40% solar coverage:

It remains to be seen whether Tesla will succeed in convincing many people interested in ” solar energy. In particular, it will be necessary to compare the yield of its tiles with that of simple panels. In any case, Tesla wants to have a panel of offers that is as complete as possible to win in the solar market and has the merit of innovating with this kind of solution or with its Powerwall .

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