How to use your Nintendo Switch to watch YouTube

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It may be devoid of a dedicated YouTube app or a web browser, but the Nintendo Switch can still be used to watch chat videos.

You have read: You can enjoy the YouTube content catalog or simply browse the Internet on your Nintendo Switch, provided you are comfortable with the tools to exploit the recently discovered vulnerability in the browser Secret of the hybrid console.

Concretely, you will have to download Fiddler, an application for Windows, MacOS or Linux allowing your computer to act as a proxy. Once this application is installed and configured properly, you will first need to enter the IP address of this proxy in the settings of your Nintendo Switch, and when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the invoked browser By the system will redirect you to the Google homepage.

In the eyes of the Nintendo Switch, you are still on the home page of a public network that requires the user to agree to its terms of use before authorizing access to the Internet. In reality your computer prevents the console from accessing the domain in the background, which normally allows it to confirm that Internet access is there before leaving the browser.

From the Google search engine, you can visit YouTube and freely consult its content. The video player is not fully operational, but it is functional. Do not forget to change the player settings if you want to see better quality content. It is important to note that this technique requires that your computer remains active, otherwise the connection to the proxy will be interrupted and you will not be able to access anything.

Of course, the procedure is slightly more complex. We invite you to consult the procedure to follow on the forum .

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