After 8 years of good and loyal services, the iPhone 3GS is declared obsolete

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TORONTO – The third model of iPhone will soon no longer be updated nor supported by the after-sales service. Apple began selling it in 2009.

The first iPhone came out 10 years ago. As a result, the declensions that followed also begin to age and even reach the stage of obsolescence. After the first iPhone and the second, “iPhone 3G”, it is his successor’s turn the iPhone 3GS to be hit the bucket of dungeons. Its novelties were to be able to film (!) And have a camera of 3mpx, but without frontal device for selfies.

As of June 30, Apple will no longer accept to repair the device, as well as other official repair channels. The 2011 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will follow the same fate. In practice, the devices will always remain functional, but the software will no longer be updated.

If the lack of updating should not be a problem, beyond the benefit of new software, this may cause security problems. Because generally, Apple like other manufacturers sends security updates even to older devices. This will no longer be the case from 30 June.

The iPhone 4 is the next on the list

After the iPhone 3GS, the apple has released the iPhone 4 in 2010. The model will soon celebrate its seven years, but still remains fairly present. Next year, it is very likely that the fourth declension of the smartphone relegated to the rank of antiquity.

If you have an iPhone 3GSE obviously, Apple advises to head to more recent models and will be happy to sell you a brand new iPhone 7. If you do not have the means, Android smartphones remain a good alternative, often much cheaper than an iPhone. Another track, the used market, to use with caution, or even the iPhone SE, which is an iPhone 5s put under steroids by the apple, sold in the neighborhood of 450 € nine.

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