Steve Jobs wanted a “back” button on the iPhone!

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In the book ” The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone ” dedicated to the behind the scenes of the creation of the first iPhone, its author Brian Merchant highlights a series of interviews and anecdotes shared by Apple engineers.

Today, we learn from Imran Chaudhri, a former interface designer who worked for 19 years at Apple that Steve Jobs wanted a “back” button on the iPhone in addition to the Home button. An idea very similar to that implemented on Android smartphones.

Steve Jobs actually wanted these two buttons, one to go back to the previous screen, and the other Home button to find on the home screen. Imran explains that there was a lot of discussion around this subject, and sometimes Steve Jobs and himself agreed. But ultimately, the final decision was to put that home button to avoid confusion among users. The iPhone should be simple and generate confidence, and the “back” button would run counter to this idea.

The book also raised topics in different areas, such as the choice of Apple and its suppliers for the extraction of raw materials (particularly Bolivia and Chile), problems with working conditions in Chinese Foxconn – which has forced Apple to make tough decisions – and all the difficulties encountered in developing a fully touch-sensitive smartphone.

Finally, we also find stories about negotiations for ARM processors and relations with Gorilla Glass for building glass “indestructible” used on the first iPhone.

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